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Growth programme Targeted action

Do the right thing & do the thing right!

Targeted action

Do you find you’re really busy at work? And are you looking for a way of working that allows you to keep an overview? The Targeted Action programme will teach you a practical method that will give you an enormous gain within a short time. Think of a calm mind, less stress and that wonderful feeling of having everything in order.
Your Outlook program will act as the guide throughout this programme. We will teach you a productivity method that will help you to concentrate on what is most important to you at a given time. To know the most important thing to do, you need an overview of what you can do. In addition, you can only concentrate on your work if you’re not distracted by all the things that demand attention, e.g. emails, tasks you still have to do, ideas you have.

You will learn a number of reflexes right from the start that will immediately make a difference to your daily routine. The result:

  • You’re back at the helm: you control your mailbox and your time, not the other way round
  • You regain the overview: you set clear goals, make progress and post results
  • You secure your borders and thereby reduce the chance of stress and burnout.
  • You’re full of energy, eager to perform and you enjoy your job again.


1. First Aid in Outlook workshop (1 day)

Is your Outlook mailbox overflowing? Is your calendar chaotic? You don’t know where to start, so you work through one email after another? Do you post fewer results than you would like? With this workshop, you’ll definitely gain one hour a day, go home every evening with an empty inbox and regain control, calmness and energy.

2. Targeted Action workshop (1 day)

We will draw up your own personal chart, with your strengths, points to watch and pitfalls, all related to your environment. On the basis of your energy profile, you will draw up an action plan to increase your goal orientation.

3. Follow-up at arm’s length

We will encourage you with 1 email a week to stick to your action plan in full. If desired, arm’s-length coaching is available to keep a finger on the pulse for an extended period.

What others think about this growth programme

To me, Outlook was an email program. I worked with it 7 days out of 7 and got around 300 emails a day. I was curious to see if I could do more with it. The workshops opened up a new world to me. I’ve changed the way I split my time up: I work in blocks, lead meetings instead of the other way round, make monthly plans, etc. My calendar is less full and so is my inbox. I’ve got a self-learning system that I keep improving, and it works!

Iwan De BlockBusiness Development Manager at Group Van Loon

My mailbox had ‘exploded’ and I couldn’t get my calendar under control. I’d already attended separate Outlook and time management trainings, but they didn’t help. Werner de Vree combines the two, and it makes all the difference. His trainings are practical and real-life; he obviously has business experience and knows where the pressure comes from! Now my colleagues are also attending the training and we set each other back on track if things threaten to go wrong. Highly recommended!

Maaike CouckeSenior Legal Counsel at NMBS

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