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Top performance at work calls for a healthy mind andbody. In this programme, we will work with Energylabto roll out a sustainable health programme tailored to your company. We will work with both outside-in and inside-out initiatives to promote the chance of a sustainable change of habits in as many employees as possible.

On the basis of your needs, we will draw up a tailor-made programme in which we will work on a specific topic on a monthly/quarterly basis.


1. Health Programme kick-off

In a motivating keynote, we will consider a health topic that you have chosen. We will establish the link to the effect on our mental resilience and productivity. We will enthuse workers about taking part in the entire programme.

2. Health workshops

Topics such as healthy eating habits, exercise, sleep and motivation may be addressed. Every workshop will end with a concrete plan of action and a challenge for your employees to turn theory into practice and support each other in doing so.

3. Power breaks

After every keynote, your employees will be given access to a number of videos with which they can practise healthy habits. These include, for example, videos with short exercise routines, etc. By following the trainer in the video, you’ve put a bit of theory into practice straight away.

4. Challenges

Given that the fun factor is an important element of the change process, a competition will run throughout the programme. We will invite your employees every week to face a realistic challenge where they can win points. The team that wins most challenges will get a great prize at the end of the programme (e.g. sky-diving in an air tunnel, massage at work, cook-along, etc.).

5. Ambassadors

A small group of employees will be picked after a thorough selection process to further support the culture change and actively challenge the corporate philosophy. They will benefit from extra sessions where they’ll receive more intensive coaching to attain their health goals and to involve their teams in doing so. They will also be supported in keeping up a blog, the ideal medium to inspire all other colleagues.

6. Health Checks before and after

Employees can have their health checked during the programme. We will set a few goals with them and track these with them.

What others think about Healh

I’ve already tried a lot of things and am a classic yo-yo type. What appeals to me hugely in this programme is the focus on the mental aspect. Reflecting on how you handle nutrition and exercise instead of constantly denying yourself and counting calories. Progress is a little slower, but I am convinced that it is much more sustainable. When you start, don’t set yourself a final goal within a few weeks, but within a year, and work towards it gradually.

Wim KinnetBaloise Insurance

The health programme should be recommended to everyone! It’s nice to do it with a group of colleagues, so that you can encourage each other. The Health Days mean that you also get a very good picture of your physique and your condition. The monthly coaching is also a very good spur to complete the entire programme.

Veerle WillemsBaloise Insurance

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