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Axelle Golinvaux

Axelle Golinvaux holds a Master’s degree in business psychology. She has 20 years of experience in HR operations and HR management for different companies in different sectors, both in international and local environments.

Today Axelle is a certified business and career coach and acts as trainer & coach at Better Minds at Work. Her mission is to improve well-being and “happiness” in the workplace to achieve sustainable engagement between employer and employee, by developing competencies and improving performance.

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Creating connection

Discover its power for deeper connections 

How can you, after a long period of having worked remotely, make deeper connections with your team? What if the familiar moments, such as having a chat at the coffee machine or passing by, are not always possible. Then we have to start looking for new ways to make that connection with our team members.
During this interactive session we zoom in on 4 themes: virtuality, connection, vulnerability and authenticity. The perfect moment to reflect on the deeper connection with your employees and team mates, with a boost for your job satisfaction as a direct result! Expect a practice-oriented session with concrete and no-nonsense tips that you can implement immediately.

Stress prevention

Beat stress in challenging times

People experience more than average stress. Especially the uncertain time frame as well as the flow of negative news ensures that even the usually most down-to-earth employee now experiences more stress and anxiety. Consequences can also be observed in our work performance: reduced focus and concentration, decreased performance, adjustment problems, tension and stress, etc.

In this session we will discuss what signals of stress are and how we can deal with these in a resilient way. Expect hands-on examples and tips to handle your stress. Result: you live both mentally and physically healthier, with a positive impact on your immune system!

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