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Workshop The Cockpit

Topic: Communication

The Cockpit Communication

When you board an aeroplane, the chance of a plane crash is 1/16 000 000. After takeoff, the aeroplane is the safest mode of transport on earth. And that is remarkable: after all, flying is unnatural and demands coordination between people at different levels: ground personnel, mechanics, baggage handlers, maintenance staff, cabin crew, pilots and more. In this workshop, we consider their collaboration and communication and look to see what we can learn from it for the business world.
After all, safety has become a shared attitude within aviation. We illustrate with examples how aviation has achieved this, to become one of the safest high-risk businesses in the world. We relate these principles to shared governance: a professional practice model based on the principles of partnership, fairness, responsibility and ownership.
Any organisation benefits if people feel responsible for the company’s results and take their responsibility from the stance of their own role.

What will you come away with?

In this workshop, we will reflect on which elements and ideas from communication in aviation you can transfer to your own working environment.

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