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Workshop Hunting Elephans

Topic: Focus

Hunting elephants, chasing rabbits, eating frogs

Busy, busy, busy: who does’t know the feeling?

The triggering title of this workshop refers to the strategic use of time. How can we deal with our available time as efficiently as possible in an increasingly evolving society? We explicitly do not use the term time management and we focus on attention amangement instead. This workshop will be an initiation to tips & tricks, a menu of possibilities on how to handle your work efficiently, based on attention spans and how to base priorities on them. The workshop gives you an awareness of factors that have an impact on your strategic use of time and how you can use it even better with small adjustments in your daily habits.

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What will you come away with?

  • Tips and tricks on strategic use of time that you can try yourself in the coming weeks with the help and support of your buddy
  • Insights on your own interpretation of working hours and how you can adapt them if necessary to organize them more efficiently
  • You understand the difference between time management and attention management and the added value of focustime
  • Understanding the importance of leadership and your own responsibility to question certain small daily habits
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