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Workshop I’m Possible

Topic: The new world of work

I’m Possible

Our career is constantly in flux and changes follow in rapid succession. This continuous agility costs energy and may cause you stress, as a result of which you lose energy and become prey to self-doubt. These challenges also give you an immediate opportunity: the chance to take ownership of your career.

According to American author Brené Brown, “Be you – Be seen – Belong” is a path to greater happiness (at work). Employees need:

  • A place where they feel good because they can and may be themselves (belong)
  • A place where they can use their talents, which provides additional motivation (be you)
  • Insights into how they can deploy and develop their talents (be seen)

In this workshop, we will help you find out what gives you energy at work and in your life. We will encourage you to get up close and personal with your values and talents and to identify them. We will translate these insights so that you know how you can unleash your talents in your present job.

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