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Workshop Our creative capital: Imagination in power

Topic: Authentic Intelligence

Our creative capital: Imagination in power

In this workshop we are going to do this literally and metaphorically. We don’t enter a glass elevator, but we do distance ourselves from our work in order to be able to get a better overview of it. What challenges do we face and how do we deal with them creatively? Thanks to a few handy tools, you go on an adventure with the trainer to experience the 5 crucial steps of a creative process. Release the floodgates of your brain, put all your knowledge in one pile and get the best out of it. After all, today is no longer I think, therefore I am, but I Imagine, therefore I am.

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What will you come away with?

  • You explore the method of imagination in order to apply it in your work.
  • You tap into the inherent power of imagination.
  • You acknowledge the obstacles, accelerators and processes that influence this power.
  • Using your own cases, you work on a roadmap to be more inventive in your work.
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Based on the book ‘Authentieke Intelligentie’ by Elke Geraerts

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