Workshop Shut your eyes to Energise

Topic: Wellbeing

Shut your eyes to Energise

In view of the fact that we are asleep for around 1/3 of our life, our sleep is an important part of our wellbeing. Circumstances can often have a negative impact on our sleep quality. Consequently, sleep problems occur frequently, and not just in shift workers. According to estimates, 50% of people are faced with some form of insomnia at some time in their lives. During the day, it’s harder to concentrate and you perform less well. At night, you lie there and worry. You dread going to bed more and more and develop the wrong sleep behaviour. Fear of being unable to sleep increases your stress and escalates the sleep problems.
This workshop gives you more insight into what (good) sleep is. We look at the system which ensures that we get high-quality sleep and discuss the impact of our behaviour on our sleep. We also formulate recommendations for optimising sleep in spite of external circumstances. A workshop with concrete tips on sleeping (even) better.

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What will you come away with?

  • An insight into the human sleep/wake system
  • Tools you can use to optimise your sleep
  • An ability to set your possible sleep problems in a broader context and put them in perspective
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