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Attention, attention! The capacity to maintain concentration is deteriorating in these online times. You don’t get good performance from doing even more, but by managing your energy and choosing what you want to focus your attention on. In short, working with focus! In The Year of Focus, we will roll out a number of initiatives to induce your employees to opt for greater focus. We will ensure that an ‘elephant culture’ is put in place where employees respect each other’s focus. We will help you to consider how we can make your open-plan offices brain-friendly and how you can furnish rooms to stimulate both focus and creative brainstorms. After this year, every employee will know how to strengthen his or her own focus, every team will take attention management into account and an organisation with more flow, energy and effectiveness will develop.

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1. Kick-off: Your focus or your life: how do you make

In this keynote, we think about the importance of self-management in a world that seems to be more and more focused on making our brain idle and dependent. A confrontational presentation that encourages a deliberate choice in favour of focus. A speech that also provides the kick-off for a fascinating Focus Programme!

2. Activities in open-plan offices

Elephants suddenly turn up all over the place. Employees will be stimulated from inside out to state their own priorities and to insert elephant time.

3. Move Your Brain: Get Focused workshop

This workshop will teach you techniques to achieve more focus and energy. Expect easy-to-apply brain training with which you will take the first crucial steps towards more focus immediately.

4. Workshop Hunting elephants, chasing rabbits, eating frogs

We will provide insights into your attention that will have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of your work. We will teach you how to set your priorities to times when your attention is at its best. Away with time management, this is about attention management!

5. Attention training

In this attention training, you will learn a new way to deal with worry, stress and negative thoughts. We will help you to strengthen your focus.

6. Move Your Brain 2.0

In this workshop, you will learn focus techniques that top athletes and successful business people apply to themselves on a daily basis. You will take further steps in your brain training. You will zoom in on the areas that deserve your focus and on how to put this easily into practice. You will be mentally and physically refreshed.

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