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Growth programme Leaders With Guts

Leaders With Guts

Future-focused leadership

‘Leaders With Guts’ is an intensive and in-depth leadership programme with an impact. At the centre of it is the role of the manager in stimulating resilience, enthusiasm and engagement within your organisation. And that is a must in these volatile times.

Organisations and their employees are under pressure. Organisations and forms of work are permanently in flux; flexibility and employability are essential requirements. Stress, burnout and high absenteeism figures are no longer peripheral phenomena.

In these demanding times, leaders are even more of a central figure than they used to be. They play a crucial role in stimulating resilience, agility and enthusiasm. This is a big challenge.

Leaders with guts dare to take up this challenge. Leadership with guts is about having trust, questioning yourself, daring to experiment and innovate, continuously working on solidarity between individuals and with the organisation. Leaders with guts invest in the development of a growth mindset, agility, psychological safety, diversity, curiosity and results-oriented collaboration. During this leadership program we inspire your leaders in continuous innovation to become truly future-proof.

We will work on three leadership paths:

  • Yourself: Strengthening your personal leadership
  • Your team: Insights and tools to stimulate resilience and enthusiasm in your employees
  • Your organisation: Learning to make an impact within your organisation

This programme is a personal voyage of discovery that teaches you what can be achieved if you develop more courage. It is an investment that pays off for you as a leader, your team and your organisation.


1. Intake interview

We will have a clear discussion with the client about the goals and draw up an action plan.

2. 2-day session: Personal leadership

This 2-day session will zoom in on the participant as an individual. We will provide insights and tools to further your development as a manager so that you can act with robustness, (more) freedom from stress and agility in the professional context.

3. Individual coaching

Individual coaching interview between trainer and participant. This is based on the personal learning goals that emerge from the first 2-day session.

4. 2-day session: Leading your team & organisation

In this 2-day session we will place the emphasis on how you lead with guts and how you connect with your team and your organisation. You will gain knowledge and skills to achieve strong results, together with your team and organisation, within a culture of trust.

5. 1-day peer support

During this day, the monitored participants will exchange cases to enhance transfer to the workplace.

6. Follow-up modules

In follow-up sessions, we will go into depth with the participants and design sessions together that are tailored to their challenges and remaining questions.

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