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Growth programme Talents


We will begin this project with an online assessment, the TaPas for Professionals.

TaPasCity and the TaPas Profile have been developed based on the insight that, in today’s information society, developments relating to the Talents and Passion of employees will play an every greater role. TaPasCity believes that everyone has a Talent and Passion that can set him/her apart constructively within an organisation. The rationale that “inner drive” is becoming increasingly important compared to the old ideas about job profiles and competence-based thinking is being adopted by more and more HR professionals.

Completing the TaPas Questionnaire is therefore about a process of self-reflection and personality development in relation to your personal talents and passion as well as a process concerning the degree of congruence between the “why” of an organisation (as the employer) and the “be” of the employee in question.


What makes T4-P unique?

So, for you as an employer the TaPas Profile offers new insights into what the talents and passion of your employees are, and the context they need in which to be able to use and develop their talents so that they can grow within the organisation, both individually and as part of a team. You can also gain an understanding of the talents and passion of your organisation – aside from the individual talents of the employees.

What can you do with this?

With the TaPas Profile a scientifically and statistically recognised standard has been designed which aims to help companies and individuals to deal more consciously with existing talents. The TaPas Profile is a coaching document (i.e. not a labelling one) that tries to identify all facets + the congruence between who this person is and what he or she does + the energy felt for all these aspects.


1. Intake interview

We will have a clear discussion with the client about the goals and draw up a plan. Obviously, after the 1-day session we can adapt the plan depending on what has come to light.

2. 1-day session: Personal leadership

This 1-day session will zoom in on the participant as an individual. We will discuss the results of the TaPas measurement (see below) and provide insights and tools to further your development as a team member so that you can act with robustness, (more) freedom from stress and agility in the professional context.

3. Individual coaching (optional)

An individual coaching interview between trainer and participant. This is based on the personal learning goals that emerge from the first session.

4. Follow-up modules/inspiration sessions

In follow-up sessions, we will go into depth with the participants and design sessions together that are tailored to their challenges and remaining questions.

5. 0.5-day peer support (optional)

During this day, the monitored participants will exchange cases to enhance transfer to the workplace.

What others think about this growth programme

CMAST engaged TaPasCity to define a clear mission statement as well as milestones in our company. This provided structure, direction and organisational calm. We have also implemented a change management process in collaboration with TaPasCity in order to keep a finger on the pulse and to enable us to make adjustments where necessary. We used the TaPas method to screen our professionals and to map them against the internal drivers of our organisation. This should lead to a more sustainable relationship between employee and organisation, allowing us to raise performance and retention.

Glenn VandaelCEO CMAST

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