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Marc Debisschop

Marc Debisschop has years of experience in supporting people and companies through their change processes, in both Belgium and abroad. In his work, he has developed a very distinctive philosophy, always scientifically underpinned. His approach always starts from the ‘inner why’ or the talents and passions in every one of us. Marc is a passionate and authentic speaker who will challenge your audience to go in search of their own passions and talents.



Any organisation that wants to take itself seriously now has a vocabulary full of the latest trendy words: agility, resilience, talent management and self-managing teams, etc. These are all concepts which are also supposed to hold the key to keeping your organisation ‘disruptive and innovative’, enabling it to anticipate any change and so to stay one step ahead of the competition at all times.

With this compelling reality, how then can you keep your organisation truly ‘agile’ and ‘resilient’ and ‘future-proof’? We tackle this paradox in our keynote from the angle of our own independently developed vision, proven in practice, which offers concrete new insights and tools for facilitating a transformation project in your organisation.

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What others think about Marc Debisschop

In my view, Marc Debisschop is one of Belgium’s top trainers in personal effectiveness, leadership and change management. As manager of Insights Belgium I have trained some 100 Belgian trainers, so I am qualified to draw comparisons. Marc has provided various training programmes for my customers, including one in Effective Influencing, which was particularly well received by the participants. What makes Marc so successful, I feel, is a combination of a few special talents: Marc manages to create excellent learning programmes, to conceive special exercises and, as a trainer, he is courteous and erudite, personable, and respectful in confrontation.

Fons FeekesCEO Insights Benelux

I know Marc as an exceptionally gifted senior trainer and consultant and an extraordinarily inspiring facilitator and coach.

Jan van der VurstManager Kenaz nv

Marc Debisschop adds huge value if you are looking to realise a change project or cultural transformation. With his analytical ability, process-based and results-oriented thinking, he helps managers and directors to plot the course. His charismatic nature, empathy and flexibility of style in communication and thinking processes ensure that participants of workshops and training programmes hang on his every word. As a result, people buy into what he says, so he succeeds in changing their behaviour and thereby embedding the new ideas in the organisation. Marc is a MUST (mutual trust) for any learning and innovative organisation.

Ann VerhoevenChange & HR Director Sitel

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