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Growth programme Mental Capital

Mental Capital

This programme is based on the bestseller Mentaal Kapitaal (Better Minds), in which Elke Geraerts describes a number of levers to aid resilience. Through a year of Mental Capital, we will ensure that your employees become motivated to strengthen their own resilience.

We offer ‘blended learning’ by means of a number of workshops and activities, offline and online. All are aimed at creating a positive vibe, which will make employees themselves want to increase their resilience. If desired, this can be tailored to different target groups, with before and after measurements, and split into topics per quarter/season.

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1. Mental Capital kick-off

We will kick off with a Mental Capital keynote in which we will inspire all employees on the subject of resilience and awaken their interest in the initiatives to follow in the coming year.

2. Online & offline activities

In consultation, we will decide which activities can strengthen your employees’ Mental Capital even further. We will organise playful activities, share insights about mental resilience and give your employees encouragement with stimulating nudging methods.

3. Hunting for Elephants workshop

Your employees will be challenged to give their elephants - their priorities - full attention, and we will teach them how.

4. Workshop: What are your strengths?

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. If we want to live and work with greater resilience, it is important for us to be acquainted with our strengths and to inspire others to discover their own.

5. Mental Capital webinar(s)

We will zoom in on important levers of your resilience and investigate how to increase them in your team. We will challenge teams to pick up on specific action points.

6. No Guts No Glory keynote

To strengthen your resilience sustainably, you need to have courage. Courage to exchange stress-creating habits for energy-giving habits.

What others think about this growth programme

The Better Minds at Work team helps BESIX worldwide in creating a company where resilience is not just preached, but also practised and supported. Better Minds offers a good insight into how managers and employees can concentrate on what really matters, be alert to people who need our help and how everyone can become more resilient by staying in balance and taking care of one another.

Geert AelbrechtBESIX Group HR Director

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