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Offerte voor Roche Diagnostics Belgium


Thank you for our pleasant online meeting and your request to develop a quotation for our Human Capital Scan and a solution-oriented action plan on health & wellbeing.

In this document you will find a number of proposals with which we can support your new ways of working within Roche Diagnostics Belgium. The Human Capital Scan provides immediate insight, both at an individual level and at an organizational level, which buttons you can turn to increase work engagement and wellbeing. Not only this is accompanied by immediate advice, but our team of experts is also ready to strengthen the mental capital of Roche Diagnostics Belgium on a long term base with coaching sessions, workshops, keynote lectures,… custom made.

If any further questions or remarks, please don't hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with the information and details you need.
We look forward to a future-oriented cooperation and are convinced that we can build a strong and sustainable partnership together.

Carolien Van Den Bosch
Better Minds at Work

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