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Dear Sylvie, Larissa and Caroline,
I am pleased to present you our Human Capital Scan. I am convinced that this scan is an insightful tool for Besix, making work dynamics crystal clear. It not only measures the engagement of your employees but also how they experience stressors and energy resources in their team and in the entire organization. On top, the individual report for each employee makes sure that your staff will be much more inclined to fill in the survey (and hence a higher response rate) and it will create a sense of ownership for each individual employee to improve their own wellbeing as well.

As discussed, we are committed to create a survey that fulfills all your needs and gives insights on what’s next (and at the same time a comparison to previous results of your Engagement Survey).

I look forward hearing your feedback and hope for an impactful collaboration once more.
Kind regards,
Elke Geraerts,
CEO Better Minds at Work

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