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The Mental Reset

2020 and 2021 represented one of the greatest experiments in resilience in our lifetime. What if we embrace this crisis as an opportunity for real transformation?
What if we reset our habits so we can face challenges stronger than ever before? What if we take this momentum as an advantage for ourselves, our teams and our organisations?

With our new offer, the Better Minds at Work team wants to support your company in optimising the new way of working. We inspire everyone in your company to adopt healthier work and life habits, we take a deep dive into what hybrid work really is and can be, and we create deeper connections between your team members than ever before.

With my new book The Mental Reset as the common thread throughout this programme, we will support your employees to prepare for the great post-pandemic reset. Expect a series of accessible keynotes (online or in your company), combined with podcasts and inspiring microlearnings that will have a lasting impact on your new life, increasing productivity and resilience at the same time.

Let’s have a (virtual) coffee together and discuss the possibilities for your organisation.

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1. Kick-off video: The Mental Reset

Our Mental Reset programme starts with an inspiring 20-minute video in which Elke Geraerts inspires your employees to prepare for a post-pandemic era. She creates an open mindset in everyone to embrace this momentum and make sure everyone chooses brain friendly habits of working and living. Elke introduces the entire programme and challenges everyone to experiment with all the insights her colleagues will share in this programme.

2. Keynote REWORK: Hybrid Work

Anyone who wants to make a successful transition to hybrid work faces many challenges. In addition to the interests of your organisation, you also have your individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all plan. The nature of the job and the people who need to do the job are key in rolling out a successful hybrid plan. Designing an optimal hybrid work arrangement that fits seamlessly into your personal life requires deep reflection, open communication, clear expectations, clear agreements (at home and at work) and psychological safety.

In this keynote, you will gain insight into the crucial drivers of productivity: energy, focus, coordination and collaboration. You will discuss with your colleagues your needs to maximise your satisfaction and happiness at work and develop an action plan.

3. Keynote REFOCUS: Focus @ Home

When we work from home, we often assume that we can simply copy and paste our office life into our home life. But it's not that simple. Our brain gets overloaded and we need downtime. How do you give your brain a break when workdays are full of online meetings?
During this session we inspire you to get your brain moving mentally and physically. You will learn techniques to create more focus and be more successful in your work.

4. Podcast RETRUST: Most people are right

You don't have trust, you have to earn it. That's not just old-fashioned wisdom, it's also the conclusion of neuroscientific research into trust. In this 20-minute podcast, you'll see how trust is strongly connected to our reward system, how it grows, shrinks and can make you move mountains. Especially in a hybrid context where trust is central.
In this highly experiential podcast, you'll question yourself. To what extent are you authentic? To what extent do you invest in your relationship with yourself, do you lead your colleagues towards closer cooperation and more sincere solidarity? And above all: what can you do to optimise this?

5. Keynote RECONNECT: Better Safe than Sorry

Teams perform better than smart and motivated employees alone. And that is precisely why they are the engine for sustainable competitive advantage in your organisation. But it is not so obvious to improve the performance of teams in an organisation.

Today, we increasingly recognise the value of psychological capital in teams, or more specifically, a climate of psychological safety in a team. Psychological safety means that team members dare to speak out, are allowed to fail, admit mistakes and that there is room for questions, transparent feedback and vulnerability. This creates more ownership, room for promising ideas and increases innovation and creativity. And that is exactly what is important in this rapidly changing and complex world we are facing today.

In this session we inspire team members in an interactive way with the building blocks of a psychologically safe organisation and team, the benefits for both employee and organisation and we share tips and tricks to work on psychological safety in your team.

6. Keynote RECUPERATE: Take a Break to Accelerate

More and more attention is being paid to the importance of breaks during and after work. We know that our long-term performance depends on the alternation between activation and recovery.
In the wake of the pandemic and working from home, more and more people are experiencing difficulty balancing these two conditions. The boundary between work and private life has become blurred and harder to distinguish. People are experiencing more and more fatigue, stress and sleep complaints.

During this session, we zoom in on the scientific basis of performance and fatigue. We link this knowledge to the current symptoms and difficulties of working from home. Finally, we provide easy-to-apply tips to maintain a healthy balance between activation and relaxation, as well as some guidelines for future hybrid working.


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